Musician Auditions

Post your song or video to our Facebook page. Submissions will be viewed after payment is completed. 8 lucky musicians (Singer, producer, instrument players, DJs, ect) will be chosen to make an all expense paid EP, music video, and a spot to open at our Red Rocks show to be announced soon!

Everyone has some musical talent hidden within. With so many singers, musicians, producers, and DJs out there these days, its hard to make it into the industry and it is easy to get overlooked. In this industry, it is all about WHO you know. We have the connections, now we need more talent! We believe everyone deserves a chance. You, deserve a chance.
We here at Papillon Pavilion Records, along with our partner label,, and our publicist,, are giving you the chance to showcase your talents and dreams. Log on to our Facebook Page, and upload your best song or video. Click the button below to pay the audition fee, which we have been able to get down to only $5.00! Once payment is made, we will review your song or video. We will then let you know how we feel about the material. If you have multiple songs or videos, feel free to upload as many as you want so long as you pay the submission fee for each. We will work with every submission, meaning we will give you our advice if we for any reason are not feeling it. We will then give you a second free submission knowing our previous comments. These auditions start April 20th and end June 1st! Good luck!!!

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Record Labels

There are countless amounts of record labels competing in an over-saturated market. By joining as a member, you will be a part of the Pavilion Collective, a group of labels that all chip in $100, which all in turn goes to creating a festival with major headliners to showcase all of the labels in the collective. In addition, each label can choose their best artist to be put into national magazines/opening for national acts. We have the connections, join the collective, and lets work together, not against each other. You will receive a conformation email and a personal phone meeting with PPR owners.

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