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Julie Zorrilla

Julie Zorrilla


Born in Columbia in the 1990’s, Julie Zorrilla grew up in her parent’s dream home in the Andes Mountains. She’s loved to sing from as early as she can remember, and at the age of four took up piano at the behest of a music teacher, proving to be a talented student. However, due to the chaos of the Colombian Civil War, the family was surrounded by the senseless violence of guerrilla armies that plagued the countryside, and at the age of eight, her family abandoned their home to seek a better life in Denver, Colorado. Her parents worked tirelessly to create a new beginning for themselves in the United States. 

This has proven to be motivation for Zorrilla herself – to work hard and follow her dreams so that her parent’s sacrifice would not be made in vain. 

Zorrilla’s parents continued to encourage her to pursue her music education and drove her to audition for Denver School of the Arts, where she studied piano, voice, and cinematography. From there, she went on to Idyllwild Arts Academy, and received instruction in operatic technique and music theory, before returning back to the School of the Arts. 

Armed with musical knowledge and experience thus far, she went on to release her first EP on Mercury Sauce Records, entitled “About Us”. The songs and music were entirely written by Zorilla and also produced by Nathan Reid. 

On her 20th birthday in 2011, Zorrilla made the decision to audition for American Idol. This proved to be the best birthday gift she could ask for, as the judges which included Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez commented on her eye-catching sense of style, her “star quality,” and her “stage presence,” giving her an “unequivocal yes” to be featured on the show. She went on not only to be one of the top female finalists, but also to win the hearts of many Americans.  

From there, the music world had taken notice of Zorrilla’s talents and she went on to work with such notable producers as David Foster, KC Porter, Jorge Calandrelli, among many others. As a true cosmopolitan performer, she has performed in both Spanish & English in Europe, South America, and the Middle East, and has also toured North America performing for the U.S. military. She also recently recorded the theme song for the film “Walt Before Mickey”, entitled “Just a Wish”.

Now, with Papillon Pavilion Records, they’re set to release a new album in the upcoming year. With a colorful and classic sense of style, a strong zeal for both her work and charitable causes and a powerful voice that moves people, we are sure to see Julie Zorilla cross into the hearts of many people the world over.